Lake Isabella is a small resort town located on Isabella Lake in the Kern River Valley, about 140 miles north of Los Angeles. It is known for it's excellent boating, fishing, camping, hiking, and extraordinary white-water rafting on the Kern River. It's proximity to the Sequoia National Forest and it's stunning mountain landscape have made it a favorite tourist destination for Californians for decades.


The area has suffered from a decades-long drought. Thankfully the Army Corps of Engineers is currently rebuilding the Isabella dam, but these issues are causing the water level of Lake Isabella to remain lower than usual. In 2016, the tragic Erskine Fire burned through the area, taking more than 300 homes with it and dealing a serious blow to the spirit of the community as well as to the local economy.

Although these challenges have taken their toll on the small towns thriving around the lake, the local folks are amazing, and have been doing their best to keep the area alive and kicking.

We are offering substantially discounted and some gifted design services to the good people of Lake Isabella to help them renovate and freshen the town. The hard times of the past decade have caused many small businesses to close and while the new booming economy is bringing fresh investment back to the Kern River Valley, most local small businesses cannot afford architectural or design services.

We will be working with area civic organizations to get the word out in the next few months. Our passion for the area mixed with our generosity and hard work ethic will help give the town a much-deserved facelift. This will bring more investment, brighten spirits, and restore the classic small-town vibe we all love. Ideally when the dam is completed in a few years and the lake is refilled, residents and visitors will see their quaint mountain town looking even better than they remember. Let's put beautiful Lake Isabella back on the map!

We think that would be wonderful.